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Now, more than ever, members of the military are under strict legal scrutiny. Because of this, there are numerous situations in which a servicemember might require legal representation. At The Hanzel Law Firm, our legal team is led by Michael B. Hanzel, a veteran and former U.S. Navy JAG officer. Not only is Mr. Hanzel well respect by courts across the country and in Europe, he is also dedicated to helping service members clear their name a regain their reputation. We have represented clients and family members in military cases in Maryland and are standing by to help you or your loved one.

If you are facing military criminal charges, we can help you obtain the best outcome possible.

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We Will Fight For You

From accusations of sexual assault to hazing offenses, we can fight back against any crime you have been accused of. We have the resources, skills, and experience you will need to fight for your freedom. Criminal convictions can carry substantial penalties and consequences, including fines, imprisonment, probation, and more. The effects of these penalties can ruin your reputation and jeopardize your future.

Our team of attorneys has helped military servicemembers facing the following criminal charges:

  • Military Sexual Offenses
  • Military Urinalysis & Drug Crimes
  • Military UCMJ Offenses
  • Military Officer Misconduct
  • Military Hazing
  • Military Appeals
  • Security Clearances
  • NJP (Non-Judicial Punishment)/Article 15
  • Military Administrative Separation (ADSEP)

We work tirelessly to provide all of our clients with the best representation possible. Call (843) 202-4714 to find out what we can do for you today.

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We can help if you or a loved one has been charged with a military crime. Our team of attorneys will take the time to thoroughly investigate the facts of your case, and we will look at every unique detail to come up with strong strategy for your defense.

In Maryland and the surrounding area, we represent military personnel serving at the following installations: Andrews Air Force Base, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Ft. George Meade, Patuxent River Naval Air Station, the U.S. Naval Academy, NSA Annapolis, and others.

Don’t let the charges you are facing ruin your career and reputation—speak to our team of military defense attorneys today. We take pride in serving those who have served our country, so allow us to fight for you.

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Why Put The Hanzel Law Firm On Your Side?
  • Proven Track Record as JAGS & Former Servicemembers

    Throughout our 20-plus years of combined experience in the military justice system, we have achieved outstanding results for our clients, both at court-martial and in administrative boards.

  • We Know the Criminal Justice System Inside & Out

    Our attorneys have seen the best and worst of our justice system. We do what it takes to navigate you through its complexities.

  • We Will Fight For Your Constitutional Rights

    As JAGs, we swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We protect your rights and fighting for your freedom.

  • Zealous & Ethical Legal Advocacy

    After serving on active duty we have since devoted ourselves to standing up for fellow servicemembers.