Case Results

See Our Firm's Successes Across All Types Of Military Defense Cases
  • 100% Success Rate In Drug/Urinalysis Court-Martials
    Full acquittals in drug/urinalysis court-martial cases: 100%.
  • 71% Acquittal Rate
    Won acquittal on at least some charges in 71% of contested trials overall.
  • 89% Administrative Separation Board Success
    Enlisted Administrative Separation Boards (Adsep Boards): 89%. Won retention in 8 of last 9 enlisted administrative separation boards.
  • A Long Trip For A Huge Win
    Travelled to Juneau, Valdez, and Anchorage, Alaska, to win the Coast Guard’s first full acquittal for sexual assault in a contested trial in years. Won despite Government claiming to have a confession from the client, by expertly utilizing forensic psychiatrist expert witness and identifying key witness Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) and prosecutors had missed.
  • Acquittals Won On All Attempted Murder Charges
    Case Result
    Defended client accused of multiple counts of attempted murder of a child. Won acquittals on all attempted murder charges, resulting in client only being convicted of assault on a child and going from facing life without parole to only receiving a 7-year sentence.
  • All Violent Crimes Dropped Against Navy Seal
    Case Result
    Won a high-profile trial for a Navy SEAL accused of violent rape, aggravated assault, and numerous other crimes. Was brought onto this case to salvage it from counsel who were floundering, and succeeded in getting client acquitted of all serious charges. The complaining witness was discredited, and he was only convicted of two minor charges based on his own statements, one of which was overturned later on appeal and the other of which is pending appeal.