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  • Dismissal Of All Sex Charges
    Case Result
    Won dismissal of all charges for an officer falsely accused of sexual assault, rape, conduct unbecoming, and fraternization. Overcame unlawful command influence of powerful Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and went toe-to-toe with the high-powered Washington DC law firm representing the complaining witness. Ultimately, won a motion striking down the Article 32 rules put out by the Secretary of the Navy himself, and got the case dismissed on the eve of trial through our own investigation that proved the complaining witness had lied. Then won a unanimous 3-0 no basis vote at the Board of Inquiry, fully exonerating this officer client.
  • Acquittals Won On All Attempted Murder Charges
    Case Result
    Defended client accused of multiple counts of attempted murder of a child. Won acquittals on all attempted murder charges, resulting in client only being convicted of assault on a child and going from facing life without parole to only receiving a 7-year sentence.
  • Full Acquittal Won For Sailors Accused of Rape
    Case Result
    Won full acquittal in a joint trial for a Sailor accused of raping a woman along with another Sailor. Both Sailors were fully acquitted in the joint trial.
  • Charges Dismissed For Navy Senior Chief And Master Chief
    Case Result
    Had all charges dismissed for a Navy senior chief accused, along with a master chief, of sexual assault.
  • No Jail Time For Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer
    Case Result
    Won no jail time for a Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer convicted of cruelty and maltreatment of a subordinate.
  • Article 10 Of The UCMJ Revitalized
    Successfully revitalized Article 10 of the UCMJ by asserting the speedy trial rights of a Coast Guard client held unlawfully in pretrial confinement. The legal issue we raised was named one of the Top 10 stories of the year in military justice.