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"Unprecedented professionalism and care."

Unprecedented professionalism and care. Were the difference I needed when concerned with doing enough to defend myself. This firm goes above and beyond and will exceed any expectations you have as their client. They certainly did for me.

Jacob Fort Meade, MD
      "Extensive experience"

      Mike has extensive experience in military justice and criminal matters.

      R. Singer
      "I would not hesitate in recommending Mike."

      If any of my friends in the military found themselves accused of a crime, I would not hesitate in recommending Mike to them.

      M. Smith
      "Unprecedented professionalism and care."

      Unprecedented professionalism and care. Were the difference I needed when concerned with doing enough to defend myself. This firm goes above and beyond and will exceed any expectations you have as their client. They certainly did for me.

      Jacob Fort Meade, MD
      "Best in the business."

      Mike is the absolute BEST! Do not do what I did and assume the military-appointed lawyers are going to take time to defend you. In my case, I had 2 military lawyers that completely botched my BOI...I was 1 month shy of 19 years in service at the time, had a flawless record (number 1 everywhere), I had a minor UCMJ violation, and the result of the board was 3-0 separate. WHAT?!? That's how bad they screwed it up. So I contacted Mike and he jumped on my case. He was very thorough, responsive, and completely in control of my situation. Looking back, I should have not assumed my case was an easy, cut and dry case where the board would retain me...I should have called Mike the second I knew I had an investigation on me. We somehow (thanks to Mike ) were able to salvage my retirement, but not my career. My advice, call or e-mail Mike the second you think you might be in trouble. He will guide you through the entire process and ensure you get the best possible outcome. I would never have been able to do what he did by myself or with any military-appointed lawyer, so do not hesitate to contact him! He truly is the best in the business and I can't thank him enough for everything he did for me!

      "Amazing Person and Lawyer"

      I was on deployment and went to mast and got busted down. With the help of MichaelĀ  Hanzel I was able to get my rank and everything that was taken from me back. He was super flexible with my schedule and upfront about everything going on. I was able to do most of it through email due to my situation, and even with that he managed to successfully work my case. I am so grateful I took the time and found the Hanzel Law firm for my case, I would recommend them anytime!

      "Mike is a true expert at this craft."

      Mike Hanzel represented me at an Art32 (won) and a Admin separation board (won). In the world full of politics and the military more concerned about politics than the truth he stepped in to defend me. Mike is a true expert at this craft. After almost 20 years in the Military and dealing with numerous defense attorneys and Military lawyers as a leader. I can say without a doubt that Mike has the knowledge, answers, and experience to get you through your tough situation. False allegations are on the rise against those of us in the military. You will learn fast regardless of how great of a person you are. That once the allegation is made. Your command will turn their back on you. Mike exposed all the lies and the truth prevailed. I will be forever in their debt. I can continue to serve on my terms and my 2 million dollars in retirement benefits are safe.

      "We are eternally grateful."

      I cannot express my gratitude enough for attorney Mike Hanzel for successfully defeating the NJP charges that were levied against my son, who is an O-1 Ensign. At one point the situation appeared very dire as my son was an Ensign for less than a year when he found himself the target of a corrupted, unchecked chain of command, who abused their authority and committed unlawful actions, and who were very willing to unjustly ruin a young man’s Navy career and life through NJP. To think of other young sailors who may have been kicked out of the Navy by an abusive leadership, acting outside their authority, and to think that those young sailors may have accepted their life-altering punishment through an archaic NJP process, where your accusers decide your fate, is absolutely horrifying. This was my son’s situation. He was very close to thinking he had no other recourse than to let this NJP process move forward until I did some research and found Mike Hanzel at the Jag Defense law firm. I contacted a number of firms that suggested obtaining character references for my son along with other tactics as a primary means of defense which left me feeling very uneasy about whether they would actually be able to help, or just cost us a great deal of money on top of our problems. Then I came across Mike an ex-Navy Jag lawyer with an excellent understanding of military law as well as Navy customs, rules, and contacts within the Navy leadership and legal offices. It became quite clear very quickly that they had the tools to take charge of our case and execute quickly and decisively. Most importantly, after learning the facts of our case, they recommended that we go on the offensive and file our own Inspector General (IG) complaint against specific corrupt leaders on my son’s ship. The fact that the NJP was happening within 2 days of my initial contact with the Hanzel Law Firm, they worked with us through the weekend to file our IG complaint against my son’s accuser’s, and quickly navigated the Navy bureaucracy to successfully postpone the NJP and initiate actions to protect my son from further abuse or retribution while our own IG complaints were followed up. I am relieved to say that after 6 months of IG investigations 2 senior officers were fired and my son has been completely cleared to proceed with his career in the Navy and honorably serve his country as he set out to do, and is doing exceptionally well. Thank you Mike! We are eternally grateful.

      "He was professional, meticulous, and thorough at his job."

      Mr. Hanzel was appointed to my JAG Officer when I was brought up on Adultery charges. He was professional, meticulous, and thorough at his job. He went the extra mile on everything and was always available to answer any of my questions. When I was found not guilty I knew it was because of the hard work and dedication that Mr. Hanzel and his team did that made it happen. I would 100% recommend him to anyone for any time of court case you could possibly have. Thanks again for everything!

      "Mike Hanzel is a fair, honest and caring man, traits you don't find in many lawyers. YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG!"

      Mike Hanzel represented me through 4 years of hell. My case was more of a political agenda, and Mike Hanzel attacked every aspect of the Government's with vigor and relentless drive. If you are looking for a lawyer who will research every aspect of history and find away to relate it to your case, then Mike Hanzel is the one for you. Even after my case was over and Mike had kicked the Government's butt, he continued to provide me with services on his dime. Mike Hanzel is a fair, honest and caring man, traits you don't find in many lawyers. YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG!

      "Mr. Hanzel is one of the very few attorneys that does it for all the right reasons."

      Mr. Hanzel represented me in a military capacity. He has a real passion for law, but more importantly, a personal drive for the truth to be told, heard and acted upon. Mr. Hanzel is one of the very few attorneys that does it for all the right reasons and his personal investment would make even the most weary comfortable knowing he is on their side.

      "He saved my family and there is no price you can put on that."

      Mr. Hanzel defended me against a very serious false accusation while I was on active duty. His understanding of the case and more importantly, his ability to work in a courtroom was something I won't soon forget. His ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter makes him an incredible force in the courtroom and got me an acquittal in less than an hour of jury deliberation. He was patient and understanding with all the crazy fears and wild ideas my family and I had going through this process. He saved my family and there is no price you can put on that. If you need help then there is no one else I would recommend you turn to.

      Paul L.
      "Outstanding work on my case"

      My Administrative Separation Case was assigned to Michael Hanzel. I feel compelled to write this review to for two reasons. First is out of appreciation of his outstanding work on my case resulting in retention and a no basis deliberation. Secondly to keep other service members from falling victim to other subpar civilians doing military defense, l which I had experienced from an attorney I hired before him.

      Mike contacted me to discuss the case and was very patient while hearing the account as told from my point of view. He had me send him all the documents and evidence I had in my case. After reviewing the government's argument, he gave me the plan for defense which I noticed was very well articulated and organized. During the board he presented very logical and thought-out counter arguments to the government's case. He was very articulate and didn't allow the recorder to manipulate the board with emotional arguments and lead them away from making a decision based solely on an emotional response.

      I cannot thank Mike enough, he facilitated a victory that allows me to be retained, retire and keep my benefits and in doing so ended a 5-year legal battle with the government. He is very much worth retaining based on the stellar job I observed him perform. If you are a service member in need, contact him for the sake of giving yourself the best chances you can have in defending yourself. I wish him the best, again no words can convey how much I appreciate the job he did and the impact that has left on my life.

      Navy E-6
      "I cannot put into words how lucky I was"

      I cannot put into words how lucky I was to be put into contact with Mike Hanzel. After being falsely accused, my life became a living nightmare, with none of my command staff or fellow soldiers on my side, and an organizational entity that seemingly was only desiring my conviction. In the midst of this maelstrom and despair, Mike was my one advocate, and from day one I knew I was in good hands. He handled every roadblock with a level headed demeanor and a strategic mind, guessing months in advance what the organization would try and throw at me and masterfully preparing me for it. During the board itself, Mike handled himself with steadfast professionalism, but when needed, could command the passion needed to leave the board members stunned and the prosecution spinning. We won the board handily despite the odds against us, and I know a huge portion of that victory is owed to Mike. If you are in that position like I was, where you feel like the world is collapsing in around you due to politically charged false accusations, call Mike Hanzel. I’ve already recommended him to a soldier in my unit going through similar issues, and assured him he won’t regret a single dime spent, I certainly didn’t.