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At The Hanzel Law Firm, we consistently strive to provide the highest quality level of service to our clients when it comes to protecting your security clearances. Our legal team works closely with clients to develop custom strategies to fit their unique circumstances. We are dedicated to helping clients protect their clearances, their careers, and their futures.

What is a Security Clearance in the Military?

The Military has to manage large amounts of sensitive and classified information throughout its operations, and they most carefully vet the people who have has to that information. When you go through this process you receive something called a security clearance. There are three levels of security clearance in the military (in order from least to most secret):

  • Confidential
  • Secret
  • Top Secret

What Does the Application Process Consist of?

As former active duty military officers who advised clients on security clearance issues, we understand the value of your security clearance and are prepared to help you fight for this crucial asset at every stage of the security clearance process. The application process consists of three stages:

  1. Application initiation;
  2. Investigation; and
  3. Adjudication.

What Are the Types of Security Clearances That We Handle?

We handle all types of security clearance cases:

  • Security clearance appeals
  • Service member security clearances
  • Revocation of security clearance
  • Facility security clearance
  • Personnel clearance process

What is a Statement of Reasons?

A Statement of Reasons (SOR) is a list of reasons detailing why a security clearance is being denied or revoked. The best chance you have of retaining your security clearance is by providing an effective, accurate, and timely response to the Letter of Intent (LOI) or Statement of Reasons (SOR). Unfortunately, many hardworking, honest people lose their security clearances simply because they fail to provide the right information in this crucial step of the clearance process.

When you receive a Statement of Reasons, it is important to seek the advice of an attorney with security clearance experience quickly so that there is time to help you respond. Most facility security officers and security managers are not qualified or permitted to provide you with the comprehensive, personalized support that you need to fight for your clearance. Our law firm represents individuals in all stages of the security clearance process.

The Hanzel Law Firm understands how important your clearance is to your livelihood. Your clearance is worth fighting for. We can help.

Call The Hanzel Law Firm for service in Mt. Pleasant and Charleston at (843) 202-4714 today.

Client Reviews 

Committed to Each & Every Case
  • “I cannot put into words how lucky I was to be put into contact with Mike Hanzel. After being falsely accused, my life became a living nightmare, with none of my command staff or fellow soldiers on my ...”

  • “My Administrative Separation Case was assigned to Michael Hanzel. I feel compelled to write this review to for two reasons. First is out of appreciation of his outstanding work on my case resulting in ...”

    - Navy E-6
  • “His ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter makes him an incredible force in the courtroom and got me an acquittal in less than an hour of jury deliberation.”

    - Paul L.
  • “When I was found not guilty I knew it was because of the hard work and dedication that Mr. Hanzel and his team did that made it happen.”

    - Benjamin
  • “If you are looking for a lawyer who will research every aspect of history and find away to relate it to your case, then Mike Hanzel is the one for you.”

    - Thomas

Why People Choose to Work With Our Firm

Aggressive & Trial-Ready Defense
  • Zealous & Ethical Legal Advocacy

    After serving on active duty, Attorney Michael Hanzel has since devoted himself to standing up for fellow servicemembers.

  • Fighting for Your Constitutional Rights

    As JAG, Attorney Michael Hanzel swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. He will protect your rights and fighting for your freedom.

  • Know the Criminal Justice System Inside & Out

    Our attorneys have seen the best and worst of our justice system. They will do what it takes to navigate you through its complexities.

  • Proven Track Record as US Navy JAG

    With over a decade of experience in the military justice system, Attorney Michael Hazel has achieved outstanding results for our clients.

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