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Military crimes are handled uniquely in the eyes of the law. With so much on the line, such as your personal and professional reputation, the penalties are often quite harsh and relentless. At The Hanzel Law Firm, we are dedicated to defending your rights as a military member. Accusations or charges of a military crime can have lasting and devastating consequences, which is why it is vital you enlist the help of a Florida military attorney who will ensure your best interests are protected.

We can help you in any number of criminal charges, including but not limited to the following:

  • Military sexual offenses
  • Military hazing
  • Military appeals
  • Security clearances
  • Military UCMJ offenses
  • Military officer misconduct
  • NJP (Non-Judicial Punishment)/Article 15
  • Military Administrative Separation (ADSEP)
  • Military urinalysis and drug crimes

Our team will provide our services for those in a number of military bases, including but not limited to the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Naval Station Mayport, Jacksonville Naval Hospital, Naval Air Station Pensacola (NAS Pensacola), Eglin AFB, Naval Hospital Pensacola, Naval Air Station Pensacola (NAS Pensacola), Eglin AFB, MacDill AFB, Patrick AFB, Camp Blanding, Tyndall AFB, Naval Air Station in Key West, Naval Air Station in Whiting Field and others.

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The Hanzel Law Firm, led by Attorney Michael B. Hanzel, is proud to offer our trusted legal counsel, care, and representation to those in need of a Florida military attorney who will fight for your rights. We will find a personalized, comprehensive solution for even the most complex or challenging cases, and you can rest easy when you have our experienced and skilled firm on your side.

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  • Proven Track Record as JAGS & Former Servicemembers

    Throughout our 20-plus years of combined experience in the military justice system, we have achieved outstanding results for our clients, both at court-martial and in administrative boards.

  • We Know the Criminal Justice System Inside & Out

    Our attorneys have seen the best and worst of our justice system. We do what it takes to navigate you through its complexities.

  • We Will Fight For Your Constitutional Rights

    As JAGs, we swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We protect your rights and fighting for your freedom.

  • Zealous & Ethical Legal Advocacy

    After serving on active duty we have since devoted ourselves to standing up for fellow servicemembers.